IN this appears the ordering of the Musulman armies from Bagdad to Sind, in the time of the Khaliph, the son of Abdool Mulik, and the circumstances of the wars of the Musulmans with the Kafirs; also the times of the governorship of the agents of Bunee Oomaiyuh and Bunee Abbas, Khaliphs.

It is proper to give the greatest praise to the glory of the Maker, that He has made a difference in the attributes and natures of men; and the intentions of the heart He has made different in the hearts of kings: from some of these kings injury comes upon themselves, and others send their good deeds in advance!

Men of understanding will know, that all historians are agreed that Sind was conquered in the Khaliphat of the son of Abdool Mulik, by the exertions of Hujjaj the son of Yoosoof Sukafee, as Ali the son of Hamed, the son of Aboo Bukur Koofee, wrote in the Chuk Namé, which is a history of Sind. The writer of this book has omitted to include that which was useless in that work; he takes out only that which is useful and necessary.