When Sultan Hoosain Shah turned the bridle of his intention towards Asterabad, Budeen-ooz-Zuman came from Seestan, and Meer Zoonoon from Dawur, to the Sailaf of Gore; and intending to attack Khorasan, they collected the men of Huzarah, the Nukdurees, and the Kubchags. After consultation, with an innumerable host, they marched against Herat. All the Sultan’s nobles’ cattle that they found in the grazing district they took, and pushed on towards Herat. This news, preceding them, reached Herat, when Ameer Nizam-ood-deen, Ali Sher, and the other nobles in that renowned city, fell into the ocean of anxiety: they strengthened the towers and parapets, and bringing the men of Bulookat into the fort, appointed them to remain there. When Budeen-ooz-Zuman came to the town of Admeeyah, Meer Zoonoon marched in advance. Some of the men of Bulookat had remained at Baghat, who, seeing Meer Zoonoon with his large force, those who had the power, from consideration, brought presents before him, saying they did not advise his advancing any further, because Mahomed Moosoom Meerza had come from Chichuktoo, Mahomed Walee from Aundghas, Meerza Abdoola, the son-in-law of Abdool Bayee Meerza, Meer Baba Ali, and the sons of Khwaja Ufzul, with numerous and well appointed bodies of horse; that they were assembled near Baghat, looking for his approach. Hearing this, Meer Zoonoon retreated a little, and wrote word of the circumstance to Budeen-ooz-Zuman, who came up and joined him at Bukluk. Both of them were sitting in one tent when some from the advanced parties came in, saying that many men appeared coming from Baghat. Meer Zoonoon, upon this, mounted with his Urghoons, and turned his face to fight. The forces met near Alung Musheen, when the brave men of either side, drawing their swords, fell upon each other, fighting in such a manner that the dust from the field of the battle ascended to the heavens. At that time, the light of the predominance of the crescent of the victorious banner of Budeen-ooz-Zuman Meerza fell upon the scene of action. The men of Herat, seeing this, their hands stopped from their work, their hearts left their places. First of all, Abdoola Meerza and Ameer Baba Ali fled; after these Mahomed Moosoom Meerza and Mahomed Walee. Budeen-ooz-Zuman did not approve of entering the city, and turned his face in the direction of the royal army. Those who fled from the battle ran to the fort, the gates of which they shut, giving into the hands of trusty men the towers and defences. Budeen-ooz-Zuman and Zoonoon, with victory, returned to, and encamped at, Alung Musheen. Some days after, they went to Pooli Malan. They did not wish to fight against the city of Herat; their desire was that the men of that place should give it up to them of their own accord. On this account, Ameer Ali Sher spoke with great kindness, and gave encouragement to the people of the town, ordering his troops not to fight. In this way forty days went, when news arrived that the king had left Asterabad, and that he was approaching. Upon this, Ameer Ali Sher sent many successive letters to the prince, forbid­ding his fighting against his father, and requesting him to leave Pooli Malan, and go to some other place, so that he might not meet him, and that the fire of battle should not be again ignited.

The prince, approving of this advice, marched from Pooli Malan to Pooli Salan; from thence he returned the bridle of his intention to go to Ab Moorghan.