When the news reached the Sultan that Meerza Budeen-ooz-Zuman, with Meer Zoonoon, and many troops, which he had collected, was coming to take revenge for Mahomed Momin on the field of battle, he unfurled the banner of his intention to march in the direction of Gurmsere and Kandahar. Meerza Budeen-ooz-Zuman and Zoonoon, hearing of the king’s coming, issued orders to all the Ryuts of Furat, Dawur, and Kandahar, to convey all their grain and articles of subsistence to the forts, and when much produce of those countries was gathered together, they placed men of strength over it. Meer Zoonoon went and sat down in the fort of Pishing, which he had previously made so strong that an insect could not get into it. Budeen-ooz-Zuman, and Meer Sultan Ali (the brother of Zoonoon), occupied other forts. Shah Beg remained in the Hissar at Kandahar. Meerza Mahomed Mokeem went to the fort of Dawur. They made an agree­ment, that if the king fell upon Pishing, Budeen-ooz-Zuman was to attack him from the rear, and if he first fell upon the Meerza, Zoonoon was to act in this manner. The king, having passed through the country of Furat, entered that of Dawur, when his army was much distressed for want of grain, and his sepoys were on the point of going over to Meer Zoonoon. When the king heard that there was much grain in the fort of Beest, which was held by Abdoor Rahman Urghoon, and that it would fall to him without much trouble, therefore the king cast the shadow of his standard around that fort, when, great alarm entering the breast of Abdoor Rahman, before placing his hand on his weapons, he placed his head on the foot of the king. If Abdoor Rahman had performed the work of a Kiledar for two or three days, the king’s army must have dispersed from hunger; because, after this victory, they had but little grain, and their hunger was as before. The king, thinking it best to return from that place, he returned back towards Herat.