“BE it known to the hearts of those having knowledge: this book is such, that by it is shown how Sind was conquered; also how the Musulmans fought with the Kafirs of the country; also how, and for how many years, the agents of the Khaliphs, Bunee Oomaiyuh and Bunee Abbas, governed it; likewise how the Hakeems, who succeeded these agents, ruled over it. There is also described in this the government of the Urghooneeyuhs, and the times of their rule, their battles, the districts and towns which they took, and all that they did till the time of their departure; after which the country came into the possession of Julal-ood-deen Mahomed Akbar, Badshah; and it is also shown who of his Ameers came to Bukkur, Sehwistan, and Tatta.

This book is divided into IV. Chapters.

In the I. Chapter, is mentioned the conquest of Sind, and the times of the government of the agents of the Khaliphs, Bunee Oomaiyuh and Bunee Abbas.

In the II. Chapter, is mentioned the Kings of Hindoostan, in whose agents’ hands the government of Sind was placed; also how Soormah and Summah governed it.

In the III. Chapter, is mentioned how the Urghooneeyuhs ruled this country.

In the IV. Chapter, is shown how this country came into the hands of Akbar Shah, and what Ameers and Hakeems were appointed to, and came to govern, this country, by and from him, till the date of the com­mencement of this book.

This book is named “THE HISTORY OF SIND.”

God is the giver of help to all; all have confidence in Him!

Praise is due to the Ruler of all the world; by whose wisdom the good of the people of the earth is secured by the justice of kings, the proof of which is, that if there were no kings in the world, of course some men would devour each other!

“God is such, that there is no other like Him.
“By His omnipotence, He is King above all other kings.
“He is such a God, that there is no other like Him.
“Everything on earth gives evidence that there is a God.
“He has given the arrangement of things on earth to kings.
“He has given the justice of kings to be the ornament of the world.
“If there were no kings on earth, this world would become desolate by misfortunes!”

Offer sincere prayers to Mahomed!

The elevation of the flag of Mahomed’s prophecies is known from the following:—

“I was the Prophet when Adam was in the earth and water!”

The high flag of his prophecy is known from this:—

“I do not send you, were it not for mercy to the world!”

The blessing of God on him, his family, all his friends, and his pos­terity, as long as the world exists, until the Resurrection:—

“Mahomed’s existence comes from the first. By his kindness the world was created.
“All the world, he took, and to heaven, by his majesty.
“For upon high heaven he beat five Nobuts.
“Earth and heaven; honour is from him.
“His exaltation exalted the world.
“To the foundation of religion he gave such strength, that it will flourish to the last day!”

The Writer of this Book, Mahomed Masoom, whose Titular Name is Namé, the son of Sufaee Hoosainee.— The original place of residence of my father is Tirmaz; his house and tomb are at Bukkur; related to Syud Sher Kulundur, the son of Baba Husun Abbal, who was born at Subzwar. He lived and was buried at Kandahar. It has been my intention for a long time to write a short account of the conquest of Sind, describing the doings of the Hakeems of that country, and to gather and select such information as I could obtain; but on account of bad fortune, and the displeasure of Heaven, there was all the will, but the power was want­ing. Everything takes place at its proper time; therefore it was delayed until the days when I wrote it on account of my son, the cooler of my eyes, the flower of my heart, Meer Boozoorg! O God, make him after yourself! On his account I wrote this book. Another final cause of my writing this book was, that by reading it my son may learn what the good men of old did, that he may know what is good, what is bad; that which is advantageous, that which is the contrary; so that he may follow the paths of good men; that, following the ways of good men, by that means he may avoid the ways of bad men. From God we obtain the comple­tion of our wishes, protection, and assistance!”