Jam Sunjur was a handsome young man. Many people went mad from seeing his face, who did his service without receiving any yearly salary. Historians also write, that previous to ascending the throne, Jam Sunjur was on friendly terms with a Fakeer of deep counsel. One night Jam Sunjur went to him, and after the meeting he said: “It is my wish to reign over Tatta, if only for eight days.” This Fakeer replied— “You will be king for eight years.” When Roydhun journeyed to that other world, the nobles assembled, placing Jam Sunjur on the throne, placing in his hands the reins of the affairs of state. He, having been thus seated on the throne, through the prayers of the Fakeer, all the Hakeems on the borders obeyed his orders without fighting with him.

During his reign over Sind, such habits and customs were introduced as had never before been known in that country. The sepoys and Ryuts in his time lived in great happiness, spending their time con­fortably. Jam Sunjur was much attached to men of piety, and learning, and to all Fakeers. On Friday he distributed much in charity to Fakeers and the poor. He gave certain salaries to those having just claims.

Historians have written, that before the reign of Jam Sunjur, the Hakeems gave very little to the men holding office under government. When Sunjur obtained the sovereignty, there was a Kazee at Bukkur, named Kazee Munroof, who had been made Kazee in the time of the former Hakeem, and he received but little pay. On account of the small­ness of his pay, he was in the habit of taking something from the people by intimidation. This reached the ears of Jam Sunjur, who gave orders for this Kazee to be present.

When he came, the Jam said: “I hear that you take something from those who quarrel with each other.” The Kazee said; “Yes, I do; and I also wish to take something from the witnesses, but these, having given their evidence, get away before I can ask them for anything.” Hearing this, the Jam laughed; when the Kazee said— “I sit the whole day in the hall of justice; I have passed my life in this business, and my children are hungry morning and evening.” Hearing this, the Jam gave him a valuable present, and settled his pay according to his expenses, giving orders throughout the kingdom, that the salaries of all the men in office were to be increased, that they might pass their time free from anxiety and care. When his reign had lasted eight years, his life went from this house full of sorrow.