When Jam Ali Sher, with the assistance of the nobles, ascended the throne, he threw open to the world the gates of justice and liberality. He himself was virtuous, and a great warrior. He first of all turned his face to putting in order the affairs of the kingdom, making such arrangements as were necessary for the country of Sind. All the people were happy during his rule, and in sweet contentment passed their time. Some time afterwards, the Jam turned his heart towards pleasure, being in the habit of going out to take exercise during the moon-light nights. Mulik Sekunder and Kurun, the sons of Tumachee, and Futteh Khan, the son of Mulik Sekunder, who was in the jungle, hearing of the Jam’s going about in this way without apprehension, marching by night, and concealing themselves by day, came to the city, where they induced some to join them. One Friday night, the 13th of the month, hearing that the Jam had gone with a few attendants to take air on the river, according to his custom, at midnight, as he was returning, some men with drawn swords were ready, intending to kill him. His followers did all in their power to dissuade these from their purpose; but they would not listen to them, and slew the Jam. Having done this, they at once went to the palace, where there arose much noise, and alarm; and all becoming aroused and alert, they were aware that affairs had passed from their hands; so, being helpless, they bent their heads before the orders of the opposite party.

Jam Ali Sher ruled Sind for seven years. After the martyrdom of Jam Ali Sher, the fraternity collecting, placed Jam Kurun on the throne of the Sirdaree.

He did not agree well with the Ameers, and the men of consequence of the city. In the early days of his reign, he planned to seize and kill some of these, and confine others. At that time he gave a large assembly, to which he invited all, when he caressed and spoke in a friendly way to them. The dinner came, when they all eat together, after which the Jam withdrew; when the slaves of those nobles, having placed them­selves as instructed, met and cut him to pieces there. The originator of this, and of the death of Kurun, was Futteh Khan, the son of Sekunder, who, with the voice of the army and the Ryuts, ascended the throne.

Whilst he was on the throne, he gave strength to the rules of justice, and to the affairs of the kingdom in general. He was very wakeful in all matters of state.

At that time Meerza Peer Mahomed, the grandson of Huzrut Saheb Kiran Ameer Taimoor Goorgan, came towards Mooltan, which he took, and Ooch likewise. He remained there some time, when, by reason of not finding forage, many of the horses of the sepoys died. Thus many men of the Meerza’s army became dismounted. On hearing of this, Saheb Kiran sent 30,000 horses from the royal stables to him. Meerza Peer Mahomed, becoming strong from this present, made a Chuppao upon the men of Bhittee and Ahun, who were stubborn and disobedient, when he gave to the winds of death these and all their families. Send­ing a messenger to Bukkur, he summoned to his presence all the men of consequence, all the eyes of that city. The agent of the King of Delhi, who was there, being unable to fight, fled by the way of Jaisulmere.

An inhabitant of Bukkur, named Syud Abdool Ghais, a man of devo­tion, integrity, and piety, having offered up prayers in the name of the Sirdar of the Prophets (Mahomed), and having besought his interces­sion, went to meet the Meerza Peer Mahomed.

It is written that one night Huzrut, the Sirdar of the Prophets (the blessing of God on him!) came to the Meerza in a dream, showing to him Syud Abdool Ghais, saying: “This is my descendant; open the road to give him honour and reverence, and shorten the hand of oppression on him.” The Meerza awoke from his sleep, and was anxious to see him whom he had seen in his dream. Eleven days afterwards, Syud Abdool Ghais arrived, when Meerza Peer Mahomed was sitting in his place of audience, with the Ameers around him on either side, when, his sight falling upon the Syud, he recognised him. Rising, he instantly came to the front, and embraced him, placing him near himself with much honour and reverence. The Ameers then inquired of the Meerza the circumstances of this Syud, when he explained to them what he had seen in the dream. On that day he gave the Syud a horse and a present as an offering, granting him permission to return. The Meerza settled upon Syud Abdool Ghais, the Purguna of Alore.

After the arrival of Saheb Kiran Meerza, Peer Mahomed turned his face to capture Delhi. Many days passed by, and many kings of different castes sat on the throne of Delhi. At that time Mooltan went into the hands of the Lungahs, and the whole of the country of Sind was in the hands of the Kings of Sind. Jam Futteh Khan was celebrated for his valour; his courage was of great repute. He reigned for fifteen years and some months, when his days reached their latter end, and his life, leaving this perishable world, went to the world eternal.