On ascending the throne of the Sultanut, after the decease of his father, with the concurrence of the Ameers, he released Mulik Sekunder, Kurun Buha-ood-deen, and Ameer, his uncles, who had been placed in confinement for correction, sending them to a distance; and then, leaving the affairs of state in the hands of the officials, he spent his time in pleasure and gaiety. He never paid any attention to any business relating to the country; so much so, that his uncles, having collected some men, came to the city, and began to plot his seizure and confine­ment, which the Jam hearing of, by the advice of some of his troops he left the city at midnight, and fled towards Guzerat. In the morning, when his flight beeame known to the uncles, they went in pursuit of him. The people, seeing this dissension, brought forth from his concealment Jam Ali Sher, who, with the concurrence of all the nobles, was placed on the throne. At this time Jam Nizam-ood-deen became a traveller on that road which leads to the country of life eternal. His uncles, oppressed with shame and loss, went to the jungles, and sat down there.