After the death of his father, by the aid of the Ameers he sat upon the hereditary throne.

When Sultan Pheroz Shah, having settled Hindoostan and Guzerat, came to take Sind, Jam Babuniyuh, preparing a field of battle, stood up to fight. The Sultan remained there three months, but when the inundations, with bad winds, and many musquitoes came, he marched away, going to Puttun in Guzerat.

After the rains, having collected many men, he again returned, and fought. In short, in that battle Jam Babuniyuh was taken prisoner, and all the people and country of Sind came into the hands of Pheroz Shah. When the Sultan returned to Delhi, he took the Jam with him, who remained for a long time in his service, behaving very well; seeing which, the Sultan extended to him his royal kindness, and giving him a royal crown, he placed Sind in his hands again, allowing him to depart. So he came to Sind, over which he reigned absolute.

He reigned for fifteen years, when he travelled to the other world.

His brother Jam Tumachee, succeeding him, sat on the king’s throne. He turned his attention to making arrangements for the country. He was the friend of leisure, spending his time in pleasure. He reigned thirteen years, dying of the plague.

After the death of Jam Tumachee, Jam Sulah-ood-deen sat upon the throne of authority. His first act was to put to rights the border, which had become out of order by the hands of bad men, who did not obey orders. For this purpose he took a force, and sharply pulled the ears of those vicious people. Having given to all such correction and admonition, he turned his face towards Kutch. Upon arriving there, much fighting ensued between him and those people; but in every battle the breeze of victory struck the standards of the Jam, and after this he returned from thence, accompanied by victory and plunder. He made the necessary arrangements for the Ryuts, and troops. He ruled for eleven years and some months, when he departed from this perishable world for the world everlasting.