When Jam Oonnur had become king, with the sanction of the men of power, many people flocked to him. He at that time, with great num­bers, went to take Sehwistan, getting near which, he prepared a plain for a battle-field, on which to fight with Mulik Rutun, the Hakeem there on the part of the King of the Toorks. Mulik Rutun came out of his fort to this field of battle with a well appointed, large force. The fire of battle commenced burning between the two armies, and this increasing, Jam Oonnur was defeated, but, by the assistance of his brethren, he again brought up many men, and recommenced fighting. At that time Mulik Rutun galloping his horse, the animal’s head came to the ground, and he, losing his seat, fell: Jam Oonnur, with his sword, separated his head from the body; and he then took the fort of Sehwistan. At that time Mulik Pheroz, and Ali Shah Toork, were the Hakeems at Bukkur, on the part of the King of the Toorks. These, hearing of the above, wrote to Jam Oonnur, to the following effect:— “This presumption is not becoming in you: now prepare your implements of war, to fight with the troops of the king, and fix your foot firmly on the field of valour.” This language operated on Jam Oonnur, who went away towards Thuree. At that time he was taken ill, and went to the country of futurity. He reigned three years and six months.

Some historians write as follows:—

When Jam Oonnur, having conquered Sehwistan, turned back, he was drinking wine one night, at a pleasant assembly, when news came that some rebellious men were coming against him. He gave orders to Gahuh, the son of Tumachee, who was his Vukeel, to go and repulse them. So taking a force, and going with speed, he came upon them; but in fighting, Gahuh, being in liquor, was taken prisoner, and confined. Jam Oonnur, amidst his pleasures, did not bear him in mind, on which account Gahuh became his enemy, and by some device liberating himself from his enemies, he turned his head from Jam Oonnur, and went to Bukkur, where he had an interview with Ali Shah Toork, who lived in the fort of Munson Numee, in old Bukkur; and this Ali Shah and Mulik Pheroz, collecting many men, came to Buhrampoor, killing Jam Oonnur in that fort. Mulik Pheroz remaining there as governor, Ali Shah returned to Bukkur. Three days after his return, some of Jam Oonnur’s men, by stratagem, killed both Gahuh and Mulik Pheroz.