After these occurrences, the Ameers, being without wisdom, gave the title of Sultan Aboo Bukur Shah to Aboo Bukur, the son of Zufur Khan, the son of Sultan Pheroz Shah. The dignity of Wuzeer was conferred on Mulik Rookn-ood-deen. Shortly after, it became known to Aboo Bukur Shah, that Mulik Rookn-ood-deen had plotted with the nobles of Sultan Pheroz Shah to upset him, and sit on the throne himself. He (Aboo) anticipated him, and, with the concurrence of the nobles, killed Mulik Rookn-ood-deen. After this he gained strength. It was then heard that the tribe of Meer Sudhs of Samanah had killed their Hakeem, looting his family, and sending his head to Mahomed Shah at Nuggurkot. Then Mahomed Shah, leaving that place, went to Samanah, and in the month of Rubee-ool-Awul he styled himself king there. The men of Meer Sadh, and the Zemindars of the country near the hills, did homage to him. Some of the Ameers and chief men of Delhi, leaving Aboo Bukur Shah, came to him, so much so, that he had collected 20,000 horsemen, with footmen out of number, when he left Samanah to go to Delhi. As he approached that city, his horsemen had increased to 50,000. On the 25th of Rubee-ool-Awul, 791 (A. D. 1389), he reached Jehan Nooma. On the 2nd of Jumadee-ool-Awul, in the streets of Pherozabad, the troops of Aboo Bukur met and fought with those of Mahomed Shah. On that day Bahadoor Khan, Mewatee, with many men, entering the city, gave great strength to Aboo Bukur, who the next day, having prepared everything for battle, fought with, and defeated Mahomed Shah, who, crossing the Jumna with 2,000 men, fled to the Doab. Again, in Shaban of the same year, he raised his standard, proposing to go to Delhi; he came and fought with Aboo Bukur, but being defeated, he again ran away.

“Until the fit time for doing anything comes, the assistance of friends is of no avail!”

Aboo Bukur pursued Mahomed Shah for 3 kos, and then returned to Delhi. Mahomed Shah went then to Chulpur, and getting together many men, in the month Rumzan of that same year, he wrote Firmans, which he sent to Lahore, Mooltan, and other large towns, directing the people to slay all who belonged to Pheroz Shah. Wherever these orders were received, many people were killed, much property was looted, and the world became wonderfully divided. In short, by seduction, he induced the Ameers to become enemies to Aboo Bukur, and they secretly corresponded with Mahomed Shah. Aboo Bukur, becom­ing as one without hands or feet, fled to Mewat. He reigned for one year and a half.