He was the son of Pheroz Kuluj, and in the service of Sultan Ghuyas-ood-deen. The tribe of Kulaj came from the race of Khalij Khan, and he was the son-in-law of Gungeez Khan.

Julal-ood-deen was superior to all in bravery and generosity; in wisdom and deliberation there was no one equal to him. By degrees he ascended and sat upon the king’s throne. In the year 688 (A. D. 1289), in Delhi, his name was read in the sermon; and by their own free will, or by force, he got the Ameers under him. In 693 (A. D. 1293), Julal-ood-deen having gone to Lahore, he gave Mooltan and Ooch to Urkulee Khan, his centre son. He appointed Nusrut Khan to Sind, settling the revenues of that country upon Urkulee Khan. Urkulee Khan was of happy temper, and a brave man. During his stay at Mooltan, he twice visited Sind, where he punished with his own hands all robbers and disturbers of the peace. The whole of Sind remained under him. In the year 695 (A. D. 1295), he drank the sherbet of martyrdom at the hands of Sultan Ula-ood-deen, his nephew and son-in-law.