When Sultan Musood, the son of Rookn-ood-deen Pheroz Shah, the son of Sultan Shums-ood-deen Elthemis, in the year 639 (A. D. 1241), sat upon the throne of Delhi, he took possession of all hereditary countries. One day, in the month of Sufur 643 (A. D. 1245), the news of the Mogul armies having crossed the river of Sind, and surrounded Ooch, reached Delhi. Musood Shah went forth against his enemies. The Moguls, hearing of this, broke up from Ooch, and taking the way of Bukkur, retreated to Khorasan. Sultan Musood Shah came to Bukkur, and removing Noor-ood-deen Mahomed from the government of Sind, gave it to Julal-ood-deen Husun, and from thence he marched towards Delhi. When he arrived at Mooltan, some young men, addicted to drinking wine, found their way into his assemblies. These talked of the pleasures of drinking; and he, who was always in the habit of indulging, from what these said drank more. On this account, dissensions arose in his country. Then the Ameers, seeing this, sent a Kosid secretly to his uncle, Sultan Nasir-ood-deen Mahomed, who was at Buhraiyuch, inviting him to come. Sultan Nasir-ood-deen, with all speed, proceeded to Delhi, and having ascended the throne on Sunday the 23rd day of Mohurrum, in the year Hijree 644 (A. D. 1246), he seized and confined Musood Shah, whose remaining days of life were spent in prison.