After the death of his father, at the suggestion of the Ameers, Aram Shah ascended the throne of Delhi; but on account of his want of ability, he did not find ease (Arain) on the throne of royalty. The Ameers, seeing that he was not fit to govern the kingdom, sent a man to Sultan Shums-ood-deen Elthemis, to summon him, and having called him to Delhi, they gave the kingdom to him. At that time all the countries of Hindoostan became divided into four shares:—

Sultan Shums-ood-deen Elthemis took the seat of government, Delhi.

Ooch, Mooltan, and Sind came into the hands of Nasir-ood-deen Kebachuh.

Luknootee* went under the rule of the Kings of Khuluge.

The agents of Taj-ood-deen Yulzur took possession of Lahore and its districts.

Mulik Nasir-ood-deen Kebachuh was from among the purchased slaves of Sultan Shuhab-ood-deen; but his wisdom and knowledge were great. He was well acquainted with the duties of kings, and versed in the matters of the country: on this account, after the death of Shuhab-ood-deen, being fixed firmly in Ooch and Mooltan, he took possession of Sind.

In the year 621 (A. D. 1224), a Sirdar brought a force from Gungeez or Jinghez Khan to fight against Nasir-ood-deen, who, not having strength to meet this force, on this account he sat down in the fort of Mooltan, which the enemy surrounded. Thus matters remained for forty days. Mulik Nasir-ood-deen having opened the doors of his treasury, gave money to all; and, with them, showing opposition to the enemy, they retreated without gaining a victory.

When Nasir-ood-deen took possession of Sind, many Sirdars of Khorasan, Ghore, and Ghuznee, on account of the oppression of Gungeez Khan, came to him, to all of whom he gave great honour, and money.

In the year 623 (A. D. 1226), Mulik Khan Kailchee and his brethren came against Sehwistan. Mulik Nasir-ood-deen Kebachuh marching against these, there was a great battle between them, in which Mulik Khan was slain.

As the time drew near for the termination of the Sultan of Mulik Nasir-ood-deen Kebachuh, in the year 624 (A. D. 1226), Sultan Shums-ood-deen Elthemis himself marched an army against Ooch, but Nasir-ood-deen ran away, and got into the fort of Bukkur. On hearing of this, Sultan Shums-ood-deen ordered his Wuzeer Nizam-ool-Moolk Mahomed, the son of Usu-ud, to besiege Ooch, and he himself went to Delhi.

On Tuesday the 28th day of Jumadee-ool-Awul, in the year Hijree 625 (A. D. 1227), Nizam-ool-Moolk entered Ooch without opposition. He then went towards Bukkur, hearing of which, Mulik Nasir-ood-deen Kebachuh, getting on board a boat, fled. When he reached the ocean, the boat of his life fell into the whirpools of death.