Sultan Mahomed Khan was a ruler with many excellent qualities. He was very brave, and very charitable. From the days of his youth, until his death, he lived in plenty; but his temper was so passionate, that when he became angry he could not control himself. He shed blood without care. If he ever suspected any one of evil, he would ruin his family. He himself would commit violence, but in his country no one else could do so. The sepoys and Ryuts were happy under him. During his life he read the Koran entire 1,001 times.

He took great trouble in building and laying out in proper form the town of Bukkur. He was born in 898 (A. D. 1492), living eighty-four years. His strength was such, that many times, at the order of Meerza Shah Hoosain, he put irons on his legs, and with these on, threw him­self from the bastion of Meerza Shah Hoosain’s receiving-room, into the waters below, where there was a very deep dangerous whirlpool, from whence he would come out near the rocks with the irons broken. Many people have witnessed this— they looked upon it as a sight.