He was the son of Kazee Aboo Syud, the son of Kazee Zain-ood-deen Bukree. His ancestors lived in Sehwistan. One of these, a very devout man, came to and remained at Bukkur. Kazee Kazin was very virtuous; he was well skilled in incantations, in interpretations of the Koran, in the traditional sayings of Mahomed; also in all that related to religion and law, and the contemplative sciences, he understood, reading the Koran in a proper tone (Ilm-i-Kirat); no one surpassed him in writing. He exerted himself greatly in penitence to God. He made the pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina; he travelled much. He was a disciple of Syud Mahomed Juwun Poree, who was commonly known by the name of Mehran Muhdee,* on which account the Moolvees of the Mahomedan religion taunted him. After the death of Shah Beg, Meerza Shah Hoosain looked upon him with the eye of kindness. He was the Kazee (Judge) of the city of Bukkur, displaying great ability in settling all disputes. He died in 958 (A. D. 1551).