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Editor’s Preface ix
Author’s Preamble 1
Record of the Khalifate of Abu Bakr, with some events which took place during it 1
Homage of the Commander of the Faithful A’li 8
Record of Asâmah’s going to the frontiers of Syria 12
Record of the murder of Aswad I’sa by the hand of Fyrûz Dylamy 14
Harangue of Ssiddiq, and account of some apostates 17
Record of the expedition of Khâled B. Alwolyd against Ttolhah B. Khowylad, and the killing of Salmy, a daughter of Mâlek 19
Record of Sajâh’s claim to prophecy, and her connection with Moseylamah the Liar 23
Record of Khâled’s killing Mâlek B. Nuyrah 28
Record of the going of Khâled to Yamâmah, and of the killing of Moseylamah the Liar 31
Account of the marriage of Khâled B. Alwolyd to the daughter of Mujâa’h after the conquest of Yamâmah 42
The death of Abu Bakr, and homage to O’mar 45
The wives and children of Abu Bakr 53
His officials 54
Record of the Khalifate of O’mar B. Alkhattâb 54
The conquest of Damascus 56
March of Khâled B. Alwolyd to Ba’lbek, flight of the opponents, and his rejoining the Musalmâns 59
War of the army of Islâm with the Battâryqah of Byzantium 63
Conquest of the district of Hamss 66
The Qayssar appoints Mâhân to fight the Musalmâns, and record of some events which took place at that time 67
Arrival of the Byzantines in Hamss, and narrative of some events 71
Conflict of the Musalmâns with the Christians, and flight of the latter 75
Account of the superiority of the Musalmâns, and return of Heraclius to Constantinople 79
Conquest of Aleppo, and march of Mâlek Ashtar to the boundaries of Rûm, i.e., Byzantine Empire 81
March of Abu O’baydah to Aylyâ and of O’mar to Syria; and narrative of some other events of those days 84
Khâled B. Alwolyd departs from Syria to Madinah 88
Mothanna B. Hârethah goes to Madinah. Abu O’baydah B. Masu’d Thaqfy is appointed to wage war against the professors of iniquity, and record of some other affairs 90
The battle of the bridge; martyrdom of Abu O’baydah Thaqfy, and narrative of some other affairs 95
Yazdejerd B. Shehryâr sends Rastam to attack the Musalmâns, and Sa’d B. Abu Woqqâss marches to Qâdesyah 101
The battle of Qâdesyah; death of Rastam Farrahzâd, and flight of the Persian army 108
Sa’d B. Abu Woqqâss enters Madâin and obtains treasures 119
Battle of Jalûlâ, and the success of the Arabs over the Persians by the command of God the Most High 121
Battle of Nehâwend, and the success of the Arabs over the Persians by the favour of the Majesty of the Lord 124
Martyrdom of the prince of the companions [of the prophet], O’mar B. Alkhattâb, and account of the election [or con­sultation] 135
The Khalifate of O’thmân B. O’ffan 142
Changes of governors of some provinces and towns, and narrative of some events by way of abridgment 148
Marching of O’thmân B. Abu A´ass and A’bdullah B. A´amer to attack Yazdejerd B. Shehryâr; his flight to Khorâsân and his death. 151
Conquest of Khorâsân, and prevalence of the Musalmâns over their opponents 153
Account of Abu Dhar Ghuffâry 154
The enmity which arose between Sa’d B. Abu Woqqâss and the notables of Kûfah 156
Rebellion in Kûfah, and government of Abu Mûsa Asha’ry 158
An intrigue, and the rejection of homage to Abu Mûsa Asha’ry by many 160
Some events which were the causes of the discontent of the people in those days 161
Arrival of persons from Kûfah, and account of the first dis­turbance in Madinah 165
Egyptians and opponents arrive in Madinah, and accounts of various disturbances 166
Return of the rebels, and murder of O’thmân 177
Khalifate of the victorious lion of Allah, A’li B. Abu Ttâleb, the Amir of the Faithful 187
A’li the Commander of the Faithful sends intimate friends to administer the provinces, and some reach their destination 191
Opposition of A´ayshah; union of Ttolhah and of Zobeyr with her, and their departure from Mekkah to Bossrah 193
Some events which took place after the arrival of A´ayshah in Bossrah 198
Departure of A’li the Commander of the Faithful to Bossrah; his stay at Dhy Qâr, and his asking for troops from Kûfah, while Abu Mûsa Asha’ry prohibits them from aiding the lion of attack 203
The battle of Jamal [i.e., of the camel], and the victory of the Amir of the Faithful 212
Affairs of Egypt and of the Egyptians in the days of the Khalifate of A’li the Commander of the Faithful, and account of the events of that time 237
The rebels join Moa’wiah B. Abu Sofiân and incite him to avenge the blood of O’thmân 244
Fight of Mâlek Ashtar with the rebels, and account of some transactions between A’li the Commander of the Faithful and Moa’wiah 247
A’li the Commander of the Faithful sends Jaryr B. A’bdullah Albahly as an envoy to Moa’wiah, whereon the latter summons A’mru B. A´ass from Falesttyn, and consults him about resistance to A’li 258
A’bdullah B. O’mar B. Alkhattâb goes to Syria, and exchange of letters and messages between the great companions and Moa’wiah B. Abu Sofiân 265
Moa’wiah sends a letter to the Shâh of men and lion of God, A’li B. Abu Ttâleb, and receives an answer by the aid of Allah 276
His sacred lordship A’li the Commander of the Faithful and Moa’wiah march to Ssafyn, and account of some events which took place 277
Second battle between Mâlek Ashtar and Abu-l-a´ur 293
Both parties despair of peace and renew hostilities 302
The killing of Ghurâr B. Aladham 321
Some of the exploits of the Amir of the Faithful on the plain of Ssafyn 323
The killing of O’beydullah B. O’mar B. Alkhattâb 327
The killing of A’mmâr B. Yâser 328
Some events of Ssafyn which it is necessary to record 332
The last battle of Ssafyn, and account of the events of the night of horror 336
The stratagem of A’mru A´ass 340
The meeting of the two parties at Daumatu-j-jandal and the con­tentions between Abu Mûsa Asha’ry and A’mru A´ass 355
Death of Mâlek Ashtar, and killing of Muhammad B. Abu Bakr by the predestination of the ever-living Greatest One 360
Rebellion of the hypocrites, and Moa’wiah B. Abu Sofiân sends his adherents to Mesopotamia, to Yemen, to the Hejâz, and to E’râq 364
Some account of the affairs of the Khowârej and their discussions 371
The dreadful end of A’li the Commander of the Faithful 388
Index 399