Title Page i
About Nasybah, the daughter of Ka’b, called also Omm Ammârah, and several events which it is necessary to relate401
Ghazwah of Hamrâ Alasad406
Events of the fourth year after the flight of his lordship the apostle408
The calamity at Rajyâ409
A’bdullah B. Anys goes and kills Sofyân B. Khâled413
Bara Moa’wiah414
Ghazwah of the Bani-An-Natzyr417
The Ghazwah of the Bedr of promise, which is also called the Small Bedr421
Events of the fifth year after the Flight424
The Ghazwah of Dumatu-j-jandal425
Ghazwah of Rabyi’, also called Ghazwah of the Bani Mossttalaq426
Story of the slander435
The Ghazwah of the Ditch, also called the Ghazwah of the Confederates442
Death of A’mru Bin A’bdud, and its consequences452
Some events and several miracles that took place during the time of the war of the ditch465
The Ghazwah of the Bani Qoryttah469
The crime of Abu Sofyân, and the going of the ignorant Behrân to Madinah with the intention to kill the prophet480
Sariah of Abu O’baydah Jurrâh483
Muhammad B. Moslamah fights the Bani Kallûb484
Ghazwah of the Bani Ttayân485
A’li the Commander of the Faithful goes to the Bani Sa’d487
Ghazwah of the Bani Qurdah, which is called Ghazâ of Yamanah488
Praying for rain490
His lordship the refuge of termination proceeds to Mekkah with the intention of performing the ceremonies of the pilgrimage, but is hindered by the idolaters. The treaty of Hodaybiah and its events492
Abu Bassyr comes from Mekkah to Madinah, but again returns by order of Muhammad514
Ambassadors are sent to the sovereigns, rulers and judges of that epoch517
The boldness and presumption of Khosru Parviz, and explanation of what took place among all the kings after they had perused the epistles inviting them to believe in the mission of his lord­ship, and to acknowledge the unity of God the Most High524
The victory of Khayber532
Conquest of the Fort Qumûss and of all the strongholds by the prowess of A’li540
The peace of Fadak552
Ja’fer B. Abu Ttâleb arrives from Abyssinia. The marriage with Ssofyah is consummated. The sun returns for A’li Murtadza. The Ghazâ of Wâdy-l-qara553
The O’mratu-l-qadzâ [pilgrimage by Divine predestination]555
The events of the eighth year after the flight of the Lord of prophecy561
Ghazwah of Dhât-assilâsil564
The Ghazâ of Mowtah566
Preparations for an expedition against Mekkah580
The march to, and capture of, Mekkah582
Some events that took place during his lordship’s sojourn at Mekkah614
The Ghazwah of Honayn617
The Ghazwah of Ttâyf628
Largesses of the apostle and distribution of the spoils of Honayn632
Ghazwah of Tabuk, and events of the ninth year after the Flight640
Ghazwah of Tabuk650
Khâled B. Alwolyd goes to Daumatu-j-jandal656
The events which took place during the expedition of Tabuk, and other affairs658
Sariah to the Wâdy-urraml664
The arrival of the Wofûd [Deputations]666
Death of A’bdullah B. Abu Salûl671
Ssiddyq [i.e., Abu Bakr] and A’li go to Mekkah672
The arrival of Wofûd [Deputations] with laudable intentions675
A’li proceeds to Yemen, and the deeds of the Emâm of the age679
Ka’bu-l-akhbâr makes the profession of Islâm by the blessing of the words of A’li685
Revelation of the blessed verse of ‘imprecation,’ and the arrival of the inhabitants of Najrân for the purpose of a treaty of amity686
The Hajjatu-l-wodaa’, or pilgrimage of valediction692
Events of the eleventh year after the Flight, and death of his lordship the prince of inspired messengers701
The washing and shrouding of his lordship, and some other matters731
Various other events.739
Moa’adh B. Jabal goes to the country of Yemen and returns again740
Some of the miracles and fulfilments of some of the prayers of his lordship748
Record of the pure spouses of his lordship.761
Soadah or Sowdah766
A’ayshah, daughter of Abu Bakr767
Hafssah, daughter of O’mar B. Al-Khattâb770
Zaynab, daughter of Khodhaymah771
Omm Solmah, daughter of Abu Ommyah771
Zaynab, daughter of Jahash.772
Jaubaryah or Jarirah, daughter of Al-Hâreth774
Omm Habybah, daughter of Abu Sofyân774
Ssofyah, daughter of Ebn Ahttab775
Maymûnah, daughter of Alhâreth776
The concubines777
The sons778
The noble daughters.779
Names of the amanuenses791
The alms-gatherers792
The servants792
The freed men of the prophet793
The freed women794
Names of the Muhammadan months796
Genealogical table of the family of Muhammad797