PART I. (continued).

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Editor’s Preface ix
The end of Mûsa’s life; his appointing Yoshua’, the son of Nûn, to be his successor; and the record of some events that happened at that time 1
Personal description of Mûsa and Harûn; their qualities, names, titles, trade; their law and place of sepulture 3
Record of the various events that complete this noble recital, and an account of the murder of the tire-woman of Fara’ûn’s daughter 4
Record of Asia, daughter of Mûzahum, and wife of Fara’ûn, with the account of her murder 5
Account of Mûsa’s staff and its properties 6
Story of the rock 7
Story of the ark of tranquillity 8
Story of the tables 10
Description of the Mosaic Law 11
Description of the meeting of the two seas 11
Enumeration of the miracles of Mûsa 12
Story of Yoshua’, the son of Nûn 15
His personal description, qualities, miracles, duration of his mission, and his tomb 21
Record of Kalûb [Caleb], the son of Yûfanna 21
Story of Hazkil the prophet, known as ‘the son of the old woman’ 23
Record of Eliâs [Elijah] the prophet, who roamed in deserts and solitude 26
Story 32
His personal description, law, sojourn, and his people 34
Record of Elisa’ [Elisha], the son of Akhtût 34
Record of the prophet Zulkefl 38
Record of the prophet Shamuil [Samuel] 40
Record of Shâuk’s [Saul’s] war with Kaliath [Goliath] 44
Record of the public life of Dâud [David], the son of Aisha; his going to fight Jalût [Goliath], with his happy and victorious return from the battle field 46
Record of Dâud’s [David’s] messengership and successorship, i.e., apostolate and khalifate 57
Record of the trial of Dâud 61
Record of Shalûm [Absalom], the son of Dâud 67
Record of Sulimân [Solomon], the son of Dâud 71
Record of the building of the Holy House, and of the construction of the farther mosque 76
Story of the ant 80
Story of Balqis [Queen of Sheba] and the city of Saba [Sheba] 83
Record of the trial of Sulimân [Solomon] 93
Story of the retrogradation of the sun for the sake of the Lord Sulimân, by order of the Lord of lords 101
Record of the decease of Sulimân 102
Record of the affairs of Loqmân the philosopher 104
Record of the moral maxims of the Lord Loqmân 111
Record of the companion of the fish, Yûnas [Jonah], the son of Matti 112
Record of the enemies attacking the children of Esrâil, and the latter overcoming the former; account of their committing sin after their victory, and the destruction of the Holy House 120
Record of Bakhtanassar [Nebuchadnezzar]’s arrival at the Holy House, which he destroys, killing and plundering the children of Esrâil 125
Record of the Prophet O’zair [Ezra] 139
Record of Zakria [Zachariah] and Yahia [John the Baptist], with some account of Mariam [Mary] 146
Record of the murder of the Lord Zakria and of Yahia 152
Record of I’sa [Jesus], the son of Mariam [Mary] 156
Record of the going of I’sa to the region of Nassibin, and the resurrection of Sâm [Shem], the son of Nûh [Noah], by the prayers of I’sa 165
Record of the descent of the table from heaven by the prayers of the Lord I’sa 169
Record of the flight of I’sa from Jerusalem, and an account of some of his miracles during that journey 172
Record of the elevation of the Lord I’sa from the gibbet of the Jews to heaven by the command of the benign God 178
Record of the slaughter of the children of Esrâil, and of the dis­persion of the apostles to call the people of the world to profess the religion of I’sa [Jesus] 183
Record of Hantalah the righteous, and seduction of the people of I’sa by Yûnas the Jew 188
Record of the companions of the cave [the seven sleepers] 190
Record of Barssissa the hermit 202
Record of Jarih the monk 206
The lords of the pit, meaning the inhabitants of Akhdôd 209
Record of Jarjis [Georgius] and his miracles 214
Record of Shamsûn [Samson] the hermit 225
Record of Khâled Bin Senân 227
Dissertation concerning the number of prophets 228
Editor’s note on the subject of David Shea’s translation of this portion of Mirkhond’s history about the Peshdâdian and Kaiânian dynasties 230
Record of Eskandar Rûmi [Alexander the Great] 240
Consultation of Eskandar Rûmi with Aristo [Aristotle] con­cerning the royal princes of Persia 257
Record of the death of Eskandar 261
Biographies of philosophers 265
Adam 265
Sheth [Seth] 266
Asfilsûf 267
Solon the philosopher 267
Fithaghorath [Pythagoras] the sage 268
Soqrât [Socrates] the recluse 271
Diujânos Kalbi [Diogenes the cynic] 279
Aflatûn [Plato] the divine 281
Aristâtalis [Aristotle] 284
Boqrât [Hippocrates] the physician 287
Aomiros [Homer] the poet 290
Zinôn Bin Tâlôghôras 290
Batolimos [Ptolemy] the philosopher 291
Bâsolûs the philosopher 292
Jâlinus [Galen] the physician 293
Thâlis Malati [Thales the Miletian] 298
Anaksaghoras [Anaxagoras] 299
Zi Qratâs [Zenocrates?] 299
Ankâs 299
Aqlides [Euclid] 300
Sâqratis 300
On the excellency of knowledge and wisdom 301
Stories and parables 303
The third dynasty of the kings of Persia, which is called Ash­kânian 320
Reign of Ashak Bin Ashkân 321
Reign of Shâpûr Bin Ashak 321
Reign of Behrâm Bin Shâpûr 322
Reign of Ballâsh Bin Behrâm 322
Reign of Hormûz Bin Ballâsh Bin Behrâm 322
Reign of Nûsh Bin Ballâsh 323
Reign of Firuz Bin Hormuz 323
Reign of Ballâsh Bin Hormuz 323
Reign of Khosrû Bin Ballâsh Bin Nursi Bin Hormuz 323
Reign of Ballâsh Bin Ballâsh 324
Reign of Ardvân 324
Reign of Aulâd Bin Ashkân 324
Reign of Ballâsh Bin Ashkân 325
Reign of Gudarz Bin Ballâsh 325
Reign of Bijon Bin Gudarz 325
Reign of Gudarz Bin Bijon 325
Reign of Nursi Bin Bijon 325
Reign of Ardvân Bin Nursi 325
The fourth dynasty of the kings of Persia, which is called that of the Sasanians 326
Reign of Ardeshir Bâbegân [Artaxerxes] 326
Reign of Shâpûr Bin Ardeshir 330
Conquest of the city of Khazar 332
Reign of Hormuz Bin Shâpûr 334
Reign of Behrâm Bin Hormuz 336
Record of Mâni the painter 336
Reign of Behrâm Bin Behrâm 338
Reign of Behrâm Bin Behrâm Bin Behrâm 339
Reign of Nursi Bin Behrâm 339
Reign of Hormuz Bin Nursi 340
Reign of Shâpûr Zullâktâf 341
Reign of Ardeshir Bin Hormuz 348
Reign of Shâpûr Bin Shâpûr Zullâktâf 349
Reign of Behrâm Bin Shâpûr Zullâktâf 350
Reign of Yazdejerd the wicked 350
Birth of Behrâm Gûr, his education in Arabia, and death of Yaz­dejerd the wicked 351
Reign of Behrâm Gûr 356
Going of Behrâm Gûr to India, and the events of that time 360
Reign of Yazdejerd Bin Behrâm 363
Reign of Hormuz Bin Yazdejerd 363
Reign of Firûz Bin Yazdejerd 364
March of Firûz against Khoshnavaz, and the end of Firûz 367
Reign of Bellâsh 368
Reign of Qobâd Bin Firûz 368
The captivity and escape of Qobâd, and his reinstalment on the throne 370
Reign of Kesra Bin Qobâd [Chosroes I.], who is known by the name of Naushirvân the just 372
Revolt of Nushizâd Bin Kesra against his father, and the turn of his affairs 376
Notice concerning Buzarjamehr the philosopher 381
Various stories, and a record of the sayings of Naushirvân 384
Reign of Hormuz Bin Naushirvân 388
Campaign of Behrâm Chubîn against, and victory over, Sawah Shâh; defection of Behrâm Chubîn from his sovereign, Hormuz, and the misfortunes of the latter 391
Behrâm Chubîn attacks Khosru Parviz, and puts him to flight; the royal prince escapes to Rûm, comes back again, and triumphs over the enemies of his government 393
Reign of Khosru Parviz [Chosroes II.] 396
The costly and rare things which Khosru possessed, and by which he was distinguished above the kings of Persia and others 398
The end of Khosru Parviz 400
Reign of Shiruiah [Siroes] 400
Reign of Ardeshir Bin Shiruiah 402
Reign of Shehriâr 402
Reign of Purândukht, daughter of Khosru Parviz 403
Reign of Chashindah 403
Reign of Azarmidukht, daughter of Khosru Parviz 404
Reign of Kesra Bin Ardeshir 405
Reign of Farrakhzâd Bin Khosru 405
Reign of Yazdejerd Bin Shehriâr 405
Index 409