Title Pagei
Editor’s Prefacevii
Translator’s Preface>1
Author’s Preface15
Contents of the Rauzat us-safa22
The ten uses of history24
Why governors should be acquainted with history28
The necessary qualities of an historian29
The names of Arab historians31
The names of Persian historians32
Genii were the first created beings34
Jân Bin Jân and the Genii otherwise called Jinns, and the dominion of Eblis36
Summary of the history of Adam the Pure41
Story of Habil and Qabil [Abel and Cain]51
Record of Adam’s progeny and of his prophecy54
Record of the removal of Adam from the dunghill of affliction to the gardens of Paradise56
Postscript to the story of the father of mankind, and record of the good and evil that befell him58
Explanation of his names and surnames58
Record of the beards of the children of Adam59
The teaching of names59
Record of afflictions60
Description of Paradise61
The law of the book [of Adam]64
Record of the sciences and trades that originated in his time64
Record of Adam’s death and the number of his children65
Record of Anûsh [Enos], the son of Sheth [Seth]67
Record of Qenân [Cainan], the son of Anûsh67
Record of Mahallayil [Mahalaleel], son of Qenân67
Record of Bard [Jared?], son of Mahallayil67
Record of Edris [Enoch] the prophet68
A few words more about Edris71
Personal appearance of the Lord Edris72
The diabolical suggestions of the deceitful Eblis in teaching the friend of Edris to make statues of stone, and the beginning of idolatry among men73
Story of Harût and Marût75
Record of Nûh [Noah] the confidant78
His external description87
His names and surnames88
Some of his characteristics88
Description of Nûh’s ark88
Record of the number of inhabitants of the ship89
Explanation of the words ‘and the oven boiled’90
The miracles of Nûh90
His mission and the length of his life91
Record of Yâfuth [Japhet], the son of Nûh, and description of the Turks, his descendants92
Record of Hâm, the son of Nûh96
Record of Sâm [Shem], the son of Nûh97
Record of Hûd, and his mission to the people of A’ad98
Description of his person106
His qualities106
His miracles106
The length of his mission and his life106
Record of Shadeed and Shadâd107
Record of Sâlah the prophet, of the people of Thamûd, and of what happened during his prophetship111
Description of his person120
His qualities120
Story of Zulqarneen121
Notice of Yajûj [Gog] and Majûj [Magog]122
Description of the wall123
Zulqarneen’s person, name and trade125
Record of Ebrahim [Abraham], the friend of God, and explanation of his birth and mission126
Record of Nimrud’s attempted ascent to heaven, and of his folly becoming notorious to the inhabitants of the world140
Record of the departure of Ebrahim144
Record of the prophet Lot, his going to the Mutafakât, and of that which happened to his people148
Lot’s name, personal appearance, law, miracles, length of mission and sepulture156
Record of the birth of the Lord Esma’il [Ishmael], etc.156
Record of the arrival of the tribe of Jorham at the holy sanctuary, and their care of Esma’il160
Birth of the Lord Esahâq [Isaac]163
Record of Ebrahim’s sacrificing his son Esma’il165
Record of some events in Ebrahim’s life, and of the circumstances of his death174
Record of miscellaneous affairs, and explanation of the laws and customs that were instituted on earth by Ebrahim176
External description of Ebrahim; the place of his birth; the meaning of his name; mention of his title and surname; his trade, and the length of his mission180
Record of Esma’il, with an explanation of his affairs and of his mission183
His personal description, trade, surname, titles, miracles, and length of mission187
Record of the origin of idolatry among the children of Esma’il188
Record of the mission of Esabâq [Isaac], the son of Ebrahim189
Story of Ya’qûb [Jacob], the Esrâil of God192
Record of the story of Yusuf [Joseph] the veracious198
Record of Yusuf’s dream and beginning of his affairs198
Record of Yusuf’s request, and his father’s compliance therewith. His departure with his brethren, and their throwing him into the well, and the narrative of some events which happened after that dreadful incident206
Story of the power of love over the mind and body of that princess of the realm of elegance, namely, Zuleikha; and the abstain­ing of the veracious one from treachery; and his remaining imprisoned for several years; and the consolation which his lordship found on the throne of magnificence and glory after all his troubles and afflictions233
Record of Yusuf’s liberation from the narrow prison, and of his elevation to the throne of dignity, magnificence and glory244
Record of the proceeding of Yusuf’s brothers to Egypt, and their adventures on that occasion257
Record of the correspondence between Yusuf and Ya’qûb, and the going of the [future fathers of the] tribes to Egypt for the purpose of realizing their wishes272
Record of Yahuda’s [Judah] going from Egypt to Kana’an and the liberation of the dweller in the house of grief from the misfortune of separation276
Record of the decease of Ya’qûb280
His personal description, trade, length of mission, and his august tomb281
Record of some miscellaneous matters omitted in the preceding narrative, and also of Yusuf’s marriage with Zuleikha282
Notice about the witness of Yusuf’s chastity284
Death of Yusuf285
His personal description, qualities, law, miracles, trade, the length of his separation, duration of his life, and locality of his august tomb287
Record of the tribes of Ya’qûb289
Record of Aiûb [Job], the grateful and patient prophet291
Personal description of Aiûb, his qualities, law, miracles, duration of his trials, of his life and of his mission299
Record of the Lord Shoa’ib [Jethro]300
Description of his blessed person; his qualities, name and title; his miracles, the duration of his life, mission, and the locality of his august tomb303
Record of those who dwelt at Rass304
Record of Harûn [Aaron] and the Lord Mûsa [Moses] who spoke with Allah305
Record of Mûsa’s flight from Egypt, his joining Shoa’ib, etc.312
Record of the return of Mûsa from Madian, and his being exalted to the dignity of prophecy315
Record of Mûsa’s arrival in Egypt in concert with Harûn; his inviting Fara’ûn to the straight path, and the persistence of the latter in sin322
Record of the building of Fara’ûn’s castle332
Record of the exodus of Mûsa and Harûn from Egypt. The escape of the sons of Esrâil. The destruction of Fara’ûn and his adherents333
Record of the discovery of the Qabats that the children of Esrâil had departed; Fara’ûn’s proceeding with his army in pursuit of them and his reaching [with his army] the fire by way of water336
Record of the state of the believers after the destruction of Fara’ûn and the Qabats339
Record of the going of Mûsa to Mount Sinai; his being addressed by the divine allocution; the descent of the Tables of the Law; the sojourn of the children of Esrâil in the desert during many years, and Sâmeri’s seducing them342
Text of the ten commandments which were on the Tables of the Law349
Record of Mûsa’s going to Mount Sinai for the purpose of asking to see [God]. The granting of the Mosaic Law351
Record of the erection of the ark of the testimony. The deliver­ance of Harûn, and the story of the cow, with the events which happened on that occasion354
Record of the removal of the children of Esrâil from the desert of Sin to Farân. Explanation of the story of Qârûn [Korah], his terrible punishment, and other events which happened at that time358
Record of the removal of the children of Esrâil from the desert of Farân and going to that of Fârish. The combat of Mûsa with the giants of Syria, and the misfortune of the children of Esrâil of wandering about, and the events that happened in those times365
Record of Mûsa’s going to meet Khizer371
Record of Harûn’s decease378