No reading is so useful as that of the diary of sorrows … The Goal is unattainable save through the destruction of the desire-nature. Either be ready to kill it out and tread the Path, or withdraw your­self from the rank of the seekers—so that others may pass on (unimpeded by your presence).

A Story.—David, when about to pray, saw an ant, and wished to remove it from the place. The ant appealed to David against his cruelty. David said: “God, how am I to deal with Thy creatures?” God replied, “Behave with self-restraint, lest thou shouldst harm any; do not look to the outer body of a creature, but to the Spirit underlying. An ant, if permitted, may rend asunder the dark Veil, radiate the Light of Divine Unity from its bosom, and put to shame many a monotheist.”

Another Story.—Once upon a time, Moses prayed so warmly that the stimulating effect was felt by him till the succeeding day. He wondered whether any one could be so blessed as he was the night before. The angel Gabriel presently came with this message from God: “There is One, in this forest, who can cure the ills of My devotees.” Moses hastened to the spot, and found a frog croaking in a pool. The frog said: “Moses, I have long been waiting to uproot pride from your heart. The Divine influence you felt last night passed through me. I received it first and then passed it on to you. Be warned against the repeti­tion of the boast!”—Letter 89.