The purification of character by the transmu­tation of evil qualities into virtues is to be ever striven for as an essential duty. If neglected, it must breed dangers and difficulties.

Man has all the qualities found in the animals. His resurrection will be determined by his pre­dominant quality, not by his outer body on earth—i. e., he will turn into the form of the corresponding animal. For instance, the predominance of anger, lust, pride or flattery in earthly life, produces severally the forms of the dog, the hog, the lion and the fox, on the day of resurrection. Similarly of other qualities . . . . .

Many men will be seen in bestial form on the day of resurrection, and many beasts in human form. The dog of the Cave-Recluses* will rise in the form of man, owing to his human qualities. Mount Ahud will have a rock drawn out of it, and will stand in the rank of the Pure Ones in human form . . . . Those endowed with the inner eye know that all beings, even the mineral, pray. “Every particle of dust in the air is full of the Light of Divine Love. All atoms in the universe are centres—active or potential—of Divine Love.”

Such a difficult task lies in front, and none take to it save the Wise. So thou shouldst not be heed­less, but slowly and steadily discipline thyself so as to overcome a part of thy animal nature—it is indeed a mighty achievement to overcome it in its entirety.

He who wishes to know the nature of his resurrection should see what is the predominating quality in his life: his resurrection will be deter­mined by this quality. It is not difficult to know thus much.

Similarly, if a man wishes to know whether God is pleased or displeased with him, he should look at his life. A life wholly devoted to righteousness must please God: righteousness is the indication of His pleasure. A life wholly given to vice must displease God: vice is the indication of His dis­pleasure. A life partly righteous and partly vicious is to be valued according to the predominating element in it.

If the earthly life is not turned to account, there shall be no progress on the other side. If a man who has not transmuted [on earth] the evil qualities in his nature, is taken to heaven at his death, and all celestial boons are bestowed upon him, those qualities will not change. He will have only the houries, the palaces, the roast cocks and the stream of running water, but will be too weak to realise the real object—the Goal of the inner man, and the ideal of all the disciples and of the Master. How insignificant are all other gains where That is lost! How immaterial is any loss, where That is gained!

Frequent ablutions and baths remove sloth and drowsiness.

The Divine Vision on resurrection day depends on the Divine Grace, not on merit. No eye deserves His Vision, no ear His Voice, no intellect His Knowledge, no feet His Path . . . . Self-reproach is necessary for a seeker.—Letter 72.