The Sûfî trusts in God. Khwâjâ Yahiâ observes: “He who does not trust God cannot receive Divine Illumination.” Explanation: God deals with a man according to his expectations. One who suspects Him cannot receive any light. Again, it is a friend who is trusted, and it is a foe who is suspected. Suspicion invites hostility; confidence, love.

There is a distinction, however, between mere groundless hope and reasonable expectation. One who endeavours to obey the Divine Commands may reasonably expect the Divine Grace; but it is a vain hope for one guilty of commis­sions and omissions to expect exemption from hell and enjoyment of heaven. . . . So it is wise to check the accounts of the desire-nature, and prepare for death; and it is foolish to follow the desire-nature and hope for the remission of sins.—Letter 67.