Khwâjâ Zunnoon of Egypt says: “Truth is the Sword of God on earth. It may not be laid on anything without cutting it.” Truth consists in looking to the Actor, and not to His instruments True Faith consists in ceasing to desire anything save Truth . . . . .

Once upon a time Zunnoon, while returning from Jerusalem, saw a figure loom in the distance, and desired to question it. On drawing near, it was found to be an old woman clad in wool, with a stick in her hand. Zunnoon said, “Whence comest thou?” The dame replied, “From God.” Zunnoon again enquired, “Whither dost thou go?” The old woman rejoined, “To God.” Zunnoon then offered her a gold coin. She refused the gift, saying, “What an illusion has overcome thee? I work for God and do not receive anything save what comes from Him. As I worship Him and Him alone, I cannot receive what is not Him­self and comes from other than Himself.” Having spoken thus, she vanished. Such is to be the ideal of the aspirant.

Working for God alone is the test of true devotion. Some think they work for Him, but they work for Themselves. They have conquered the desires of this world, but they seek for fruits in a higher world. A few work irrespective of all consideration of internal suffering or celestial joy, in pure love to carry out the Divine Will. “The earth is a place of suffering, heaven is a place of joy. We shall not receive the fruits of either, even to the measure of a barleycorn.” It has been said. The virtuous often prove more self­ish in their virtue than the sinners in their sin. The gratification of the latter is but transitory, the joy of the former is permanent. God does not gain by the self-denial of men, nor does He lose by their sensual gratifications . . . . .

It is an old adage, that the mere description of a savoury dish only intensifies the misery of hunger. Take an onward step if you can: lose your head and give up your life.

As God is essentially ONE, a true believer must be a monotheist. Look for the proof of this in the holy Logion, one half of which, “There is no God,” separates [the believer from the non-God], while the other half, “Save Allâh,” unites [him with God]. One unites with God in proportion to one’s renunciation of the non-God. He who claims to have Faith should look at his own heart. If his heart flies from the non-God, his claim is genuine. If it longs for anything save God, and shrinks from the means of Divine Union, let him weep over his faith. Either he has already lost it, or is about to do so.

A certain Great One has said: “All men claim to love, but if the claim is carefully scrutinised, ‘loving’ turns out to mean ‘being loved.’” True love consists in the complete renunciation of all desires. If one looks for the gratification of a desire, one plays the part of the beloved, not of the lover. —Letter 65.