The Path should be cleared of all impurities inherent in the lower self . . . . The Great Ones have declared: “He that takes a step in obedience to his desire-nature loves it better than God. He cannot be a believer: how can he be a Saint?”

Nothing but constant turning (Taubâh) can guard the Path against the onslaughts of the desire-nature. As the ordinary soul should turn from sen­suality, cruelty and avarice, so should the developed soul turn from purity, worship and meditation. The Sages have said: “Thou must acquire all virtues, such as truth, purity and worship. When acquired, thou must scatter them in the air of supreme Indifference. Were all Prophets, Saints and Angels to sing the hymn of His Unity, their final chorus would end thus: ‘We turn to God from all we have said.*’”

Art thou endowed with the purity of all the Saints, plume thyself not over it; art thou distressed with a thousand shocks, seek not refuge in flight.

He that does not burn himself here in the fire of Taubâh certainly deserves the doom of hell-fire. So burn thou to-day in the fire of Taubâh whatever thou knowest of thyself, be it merit or defect. If to-day thou dost not cast aside the thorns from thy Path, they will hereafter turn into arrows and pierce thy heart.—Letter 63.