The Divine Allegiance gives freedom and the sovereignty of the whole world . . . .

God never made anything so precious as the heart of His Servant, because it is there that He treasured up the wealth of His Wisdom: “I cannot be contained in heaven or earth, but I am contained in the heart of My faithful Servant.”

What is Service?—To be resigned to the Divine Will without a murmur. A Servant is he who does not think of wages, and has been liberated from the bonds of desire. He who serves God for wages is the servant of the wages, not of God.

Khwâjâ Hasân Basri says: “Seek the Knowledge that is revealed by Service, and seek the Service that is revealed by Knowledge.” Knowledge and Service are equally necessary, but Knowledge is superior, being the root and guide. Hence it is that the Prophet says: “Knowledge rules conduct, and conduct follows it.” Again, He says that the sleep of the wise is better than the prayers of the ignorant, and that the ignorant do more evil than good by their acts.—Letters 37-39.