Opinions vary as to which is the better course, invocation of the Divine Help, or self-surrender to the Divine Will. In some cases the one is preferable, in others the other, according to the tendency and condition of each individual. If invocation induces unfolding, it is good. If it induces infolding,* it should be stopped. If it induces neither the one nor the other, its performance and omission are of equal value. If knowledge preponderates at the time of invocation, it is to be continued, for such an invocation is a worship in itself. If Divine Wisdom preponderates at the time, silence is preferable. . . . .

What is the use of invoking the Divine Help, if the Divine Will is irrevocable?—Answer: The revo­cation by invocation is also in accordance with the Divine Will, the invocation being simply an ordained means, as a shield is a means to repel an arrow, and watering is a means to grow seeds.

If one resorts to an invocation, it is to be repeated three, five or seven times.—Letter 36.