First, a pilgrim passing through the earthly qualities sees in his dreams heights and depths, streets and wells, gloomy and deserted sites, waters and mountains. Secondly, passing through the watery qualities, he sees greens and pastures, trees and sown fields, rivers and springs. Thirdly, pass­ing through the airy qualities, he sees himself walking or flying in the air, going up the heights. Fourthly, passing through the fiery qualities, he sees lamps and flames. Fifthly, passing through the etheric, he finds himself walking or flying over the heavens, going from one heaven to another, sees the circling of the sky, and the angels. Sixthly, passing through the starry region, he sees the stars, the sun and the moon. Seventhly, passing through the animal qualities, he sees the corresponding animals. If he finds himself prevailing over an animal, it indicates his conquest over the corresponding quality. If he finds himself overcome by an animal, it denotes the predominance of the cor­responding quality, and he should guard himself against it.

The pilgrim has to pass through thousands of worlds, and in each world he perceives visions and experiences difficulties peculiar to it.

O brother, the soul is for the Goal. It should boldly cry out: “Let me either cease to live, or reach the Goal.”—Letter 16.