Polytheism is twofold:—

(1) The outer, which consists in worshipping a god other than the One Highest God . . . .

(2) The inner, which consists in thinking of a being, other than God, as a helper at the time of need.

Some say that to see anything save Him, is polytheism for an Occultist.

Some say that to refer to any separated self in any way, to be inclined to do anything with one’s own will, and to resort to one’s own schemes and plans in any emergency, are all forms of polythe­ism …

The chosen Friend is he who is of God alone, both without and within. He neither acts nor thinks against [the Divine Will]. He does not mix with the desire-nature, forgets his services in the presence of the Master, and cannot do without Him … He is so filled with Him in all res­pects —both without and within—that it is impos­sible for anything else to enter into him . . . . He loses his desire, will, and all individual qualities, and exists merely through God’s Desire and Will. He gets what he wills—not because he wills anything other than what is God’s will, but because his will is one with God’s. Nay God unfolds His Will in him.—Letter 9.