WHICH is withdrawing the mind from secondary causes; and turning our attention to the Great First Cause; and looking for the accomplishment of our undertakings from the Lord. For whoever commits his ways unto the Lord, and trusts in everything that occurs, to the Divine mercy, all his affairs are carried on and fulfilled according to the wishes of his heart.

Commit thy way unto the Lord, and let thy heart rejoice.

And it is incumbent on a King that he should, on no occasion, abandon the habit of resignation; that the Divine aid may accomplish all his undertakings as may be most suitable and convenient.

They have related that a King, one day, asked a learned man, in what things the support of the Faithful consisted. He said it was in two things: the performance of their devotions; and trust in the mercy of the Disposer of events. The King made these two things the foundation of his conduct, and made these two qualities his constant practice. On a sudden an enemy rose up against him, and advanced against the seat of his empire with a large army. He also moved towards the enemy with all the troops that he had. When they drew near together and the event hung upon an engagement, that night, on the morrow of which the battle was appointed, the King passed in prayer. One of the Pillars of the State said to him: Repose now; for to-morrow is the day of battle.” He replied, “I am doing, this night, the service of the Lord; and to-morrow the business is the work of God: let Him do what He will; I have not any concern in it, nor any choice.” The Noble­man said, “Then prepare the instruments of war; and be ready for the field of battle.” He answered, “I have put on the armour of Resignation; and have resigned my fortune to the mercy of God.

We have given up our affairs to the Lord who doeth all things;
That (we may see) what His goodness will perform.”

In the morning, when they put the line in battle-array, and when the two armies were drawn up against each other, Divine assistance arrived from the plains of “I will send down troops from heaven, which ye have not seen.”

The aid of the Lord came forth from the invisible Kingdom.

As soon as the eyes of the troops of the enemy fell upon the canopy and standard of the King who had Resignation, the reins of free-will having dropped from the grasp of their controul, they reckoned flight as great spoils; and before any engagement occurred, or any battle took place; the evil of the enemy was at end.

The morning of victory has arisen from the eastern point of our hopes;
And to men of evil intentions, the night of malice is come to an end.