AND this is being pleased with all that may happen to a man from God: and let every one know that there is no shield better suited to the arrow of Fate, than contentment. Whoever lays his head on the threshold of contentment and acquiescence, will quickly sit upon the throne of authority and dignity: to which purport, the sacred verse, “God is pleased with them and they are pleased with God,” is a corroboration; and the great excellency of “satisfaction with the decrees of God the most high,” gives strength to our argument.

Since Fate goes before, what profit is there in teaching?
What profit is there but in obedience, contentment, and acquiescence?

There is a tradition, that one of the illustrious Prophets (The blessings of God be upon him!) said in his prayers, “O God! shew me the way to that knowledge which may be the means of pleasing thee.” And this answer reached him: “My delight in thee depends upon thy shewing pleasure in my decrees: when thou art satisfied with what I ordain, I also am pleased with thee.”

Whoever is well pleased with the will of God,
Shall enjoy a portion of the favour of God.

The heart that is enlightened with the light of contentment, will never revolt from the dispensations of the Lord; but will take delight in the decrees of providence: and whatever befals him in conformity with destiny, he will undergo with cheerfulness and perfect good will. And on this account, trouble and grief will, most surely, never enter his mind, and he will continually pass his days cheerful and joyful.

Any man of worth, who has got a habit of contentment,
Joy and delight shall appear to him;
Unite joyfully, from purity of mind,
With destiny and fate, as sugar with milk.