THIS is abstaining from committing any of the things which are forbidden by the Law; especially from unlawful lust: and it is one of the most virtuous points in morals. The Wise have said that man has a two-fold affinity: one with the Angels, by which he is inclined to wisdom and good conduct: the other with brutes, by which relationship he is greedy of eating and drinking, and sensuality. And it is essential to sound reason, that he should give strength, as far as he can, to the angelic affinity, and should not incline towards the brutal.

Thou hast a portion with the angels, and likewise with the brutes:
Pass on from the pleasure of animals, that thou mayest excel the angels.

And so whenever the love of eating prevails, a man makes no distinction between what is lawful and what is unlawful; and under the power of lust he does not distinguish between wedlock and adultery. Thus Continence signifies that, when lust is predominant, a man should pull up the reins of his passions, and keep the garment of resolution free from the defilement of all that is unlawful, nor ever conduct himself upon such occasions except in conformity to the law; and that he should withdraw his sight from all indecorous actions; that so the gates of honour and rectitude,—victory and good fortune,—may be opened unto him. And when a king is adorned with the character of continence, of a certainty the darkness of vice and profligacy will depart from the land of his empire; and the attacks of reproach and dishonour will not reach the wife and children of any man.”

Wherever Continency exalts the standard,
It gives great honour to religion and the heart;
The passions, by means of it, become very weak and humble,
And the spirit acceptable with God.

Now praise and thanks to God, that our prince, prosperous and high in dignity (May he continue to enjoy good fortune and power!),

Is handsome, perfectly accomplished, and virtuous;
Therefore the thoughts of the virtuous in the two worlds are upon him.