Of the death of the Emperor Zehyr-ad-dyn Muhammed Baber, (whose soul dwelleth in Paradise) and the mounting the throne by his son Nesyr-ad-din Muhammed Humayun.* A. H. 937.—A. D. 1530.

(Here some verses from the Koran are introduced.)

The first events that occurred, after his Majesty’s succession to the throne, were the rebellions of Byn and Bayezid, Afghãns, and of Mahmud Lody, in the eastern provinces of the empire; in consequence of which his Majesty led his army (from Callinger) towards Joanpûr, and, having encamped on the banks of the river Goompty, fought and defeated the rebels with great slaughter, A. H. 938. After this victory his Majesty proceeded against the strong fortress of Chunar, which was commanded by Jelal Khãn, the son of the celebrated Shyr Khãn, who after a siege of four months made his submission, and peace was concluded on the condition of a party of Afghãns commanded by Abdal Rashid, second son of Shyr, joining the King’s army, which in consequence marched to Agra, the capital of the Moghuls. (See History of Bengal, page 138.)