Glory be to God, the Lord of all Worlds, Praise and benedictions be also on his Prophet, and on all his descendants and companions;—

The dedication of this illustrious volume, is in the name of the Emperor, the Asylum of the world, the Just monarch, the Redresser of grievances, the Supporter of Church and State, Defender of the faith, Muhammed Humâyún, the victorious Prince; may God illuminate his resting place, and perpetu­ate his kingdom;—

(Here follow some Persian verses, which are omitted in the translation.)

Thus saith the humble servant of the Court, the Asylum of mankind, Jouher, having had the good fortune, while still a youth, to be admitted into the service of his Majesty Humâyùn, and having continued in it till his death, I was at all times, and in all situations, in constant attendance on the royal person; it therefore occurred to me as desirable that I should write a narrative of all the events to which I had been an eye witness, that it may remain as a record of the past interesting occurrences; I have endeavoured to explain them to the best of my humble ability, although in a style very inferior to the dignity of the subject. I commenced this work in the year 995 (A. D. 1587), and have named it the Tezkereh al Vakiãt, Relation of Occurrences.*

It is not my intention however to narrate all the occurrences which have taken place during the late reign, but shall confine myself to those operations in which his Majesty was personally concerned; I shall therefore commence this work with Humãyún’s ascending the throne, and shall nearly conclude with his return from Persia and his regaining the sover­eignty; I shall further explain with what fortitude and perseverance the late Emperor encountered so many hardships and difficulties, and through the favour of Almighty God, thereby recovered his dominions, in the hope that this book may hand down the name of the Author to posterity, and inform mankind of these extraordinary events.