Account of the death of his Majesty, who now dwells in Paradise, and the ascending the Throne by his Majesty Jellal addyn Akber. A. H. 963.—A. D. 1556.

When Shah Abu al Mualy quitted Lahore, he only marched the first day as far as the king’s palace, there he halted for two days; he then proceeded and reached Calanore, where he was met by the Prince Akber and the Khan Khanan, attended by a number of chiefs, and reciprocal visits were inter­changed, and a reconciliation took place; but while the armies were encamped here, the melancholy intelligence arrived that the king Humayun had drunk of the last cup from the hands of the Angel of Death.

[Quotation from the Koran.]

“Every soul shall taste of death; death is decreed to every man; and when it arrives, he can neither hasten it, nor delay it a single hour. From God we came, and to him we must return.”

This event happened at Dehly on the 11th of the month Rubby al Avul, A. H. 963, January 21st, A. D. 1556.*

(Here follows a number of Persian verses; then a long dream of the Author portending this melancholy event.)

He concludes with prayers that the whole habit­able world may be subjected to the descendants of the great Emperor Timur, Saheb Keran, and be dependent on the kingdom of Delhy for ever.

He hopes that the liberal and enlightened persons of the age will excuse and pardon the imperfections and errors of his work, and prays that the readers of it may be preserved from all misfortunes.

Copied by Nazir, son of Talib Husseny, in the month of Jemad al Avul, of the year of the reign 19. (Name omitted.)