The Renewal of Youth, and the Marriage.

The Chamberlain brings the Petitioner to Joseph’s Palace. He inquires what she wants, and orders him, if she be poor, to give her relief. She refuses to declare what is the object of her petition except in a personal interview. Being admitted, she makes herself known, and, in answer to his compassionate inquiries, what has reduced her to that miserable condition, tells him, that it is her affection for him, and conjures him to comply with her earnest requests. Moved with pity at her sad state, he swears by the Prophets, that he will do everything for her which he can, and is permitted to do. First she requests that she may be restored to her former condition. He prays, that what she desires may be granted, and, in answer to his prayer, she recovers her pristine youth and beauty. Then he demands, what further she requests, and she supplicates him to consent to their union; and whilst lost in thought, he is deliberating whether he shall say—“Yes or No”—the Angel Gabriel is commissioned to inform him, that the espousals have been already sanctioned in heaven, and that the marriage is decreed to take place. It is accordingly forthwith proclaimed, and is celebrated, in the presence of the Court, with great pomp and rejoicing.