Flash II

Distraction or disunion (Tafriqah) consists in dividing the heart by attaching it to divers objects. Union or collectedness (Jam'iyyat)* consists in forsaking all else and being wholly engrossed in the contemplation of the One Unique Being. Those who fancy that collectedness results from the collecting of worldly goods remain in perpetual distraction, whilst those who are convinced that amassing wealth is the cause of distraction renounce all worldly goods.

O thou whose heart is torn by lust for all,
Yet vainly strives to burst these bonds of all,
This “all” begets distraction of the heart:
Give up thy heart to ONE and break with all.

While thou'rt distraught by hell-born vanity,
Thou'rt seen by men of union base to be;
By God, thou art a demon,* and no man,
Too ignorant thy devilry to see.

O pilgrim* on the “path”, vain talk reject;
All roads save that to Unity neglect;
Naught but distractedness proceeds from wealth:
Collect thine heart, not store of wealth collect.

O heart, thy high-prized learning of the schools,
Geometry and metaphysic rules—
Yea, all but lore of God is devils' lore:
Fear God and leave this evil lore to fools.