O God, deliver us from preoccupation with worldly vanities, and show us the nature of things “as they really are”.* Remove from our eyes the veil of ignorance, and show us things as they really are. Show not to us non­existence as existent, nor cast the veil of non-existence over the beauty of existence. Make this phenomenal world the mirror* to reflect the manifestations of Thy beauty, and not a veil to separate and repel us from Thee. Cause these unreal phenomena of the universe to be for us the sources of knowledge and insight, and not the cause of ignorance and blindness. Our alienation and severance from Thy beauty all proceed from ourselves. Deliver us from ourselves, and accord to us intimate knowledge of Thee.

Make my heart pure, my soul from error free,
Make tears and sighs my daily lot to be,
And lead me on Thy road away from self,
That lost to self I may draw near to Thee!

Set enmity between the world and me,
Make me averse from worldly company:
From other objects turn away my heart,
So that it be engrossed with love to Thee.

How were it, Lord, if Thou shouldst set me free
From error's grasp and cause me truth to see?
Guebres by scores Thou makest Musulmans,
Why, then, not make a Musulman of me?

My lust for this world and the next efface,
Grant me the crown of poverty, and grace
To be partaker in Thy mysteries,
From paths that lead not towards Thee turn my face.