Whereas my aim and object in giving these explanations and hints has been to call attention to the essential omni­presence of the Majesty of the “Truth” most glorious, and to the immanence of His light in all the grades [of sensible existence], to the end that the pilgrims and aspirants endued with knowledge and reflection may not neglect the contemplation of His Being while preoccupied with any other being, and that they may not forget the consideration of the perfection of His attributes while paying regard solely to the qualities manifested [in the sensible universe], and whereas what has been said above is sufficient for this purpose, and satisfactorily accomplishes this end, I there­fore conclude the book at this point, merely adding the following quatrains:—

Jāmī! leave polishing of phrases, cease
Writing and chanting fables, hold thy peace;
Dream not that “Truth” can be revealed by words:
From this fond dream, O dreamer, find release!*

Beggars in tattered clothes their rents should hide,
And lovers take discretion for their guide,
And, since words do but veil the Loved One's face,
'Tis well for us in silence to abide.

How long wilt thou keep clanging like a bell?
Be still, and learn this flood of words to quell;
Thou'lt never come to hold the pearl of “Truth”
Till thou art made all ear, as is the shell.*

Thou who for grief hast soiled thy weeds with dust,*
Soil not thy lips with speech (for soil it must);
While thou canst commune silently with Him,
Rather than speak stop up thy mouth with dust!

This treatise was completed by the help of God and the favour of His grace. May He bless Muḥammad and his family and his companions!