Flash XXV

The “Truth of truths”, which is the essential, most exalted Divine Being, is the Reality in all things. He is One in Himself, and “unique” in such wise that plurality cannot enter into Him; but by His multiple revelations and numerous phenomenal displays He is sometimes presented under the form of substantial independent entities,* and at other times under the form of accidental and dependent entities.* Consequently, the One Essential Being appears as multiple by reason of the numerous qualities of these substances and accidents, although in point of fact He is “One”, and is in no wise susceptible of numbers or plurality.

Rase the words “this” and “that”; duality
Denotes estrangement and repugnancy;
In all this fair and faultless universe
Naught but one Substance and one Essence see.*

This unique Substance, viewed as absolute and void of all phenomena, all limitations, and all multiplicity, is the “Truth”. On the other hand, viewed in His aspect of multiplicity and plurality, under which He displays Himself when clothed with phenomena, He is the whole created universe. Therefore the universe is the outward visible expression of the “Truth”, and the “Truth” is the inner unseen reality of the universe. The universe before it was evolved to outward view was identical with the “Truth”; and the “Truth” after this evolution is identical with the universe. Nay, more, in reality there is but One Real Being; His concealment [in the Divine Mind] and His manifestation [in the sensible world], His priority and His posteriority [in point of time], are all merely His relations and His aspects. “It is He who is the first and the last, the exterior and the interior.”*

In the fair idols, goal of ardent youth,
And in all cynosures* lies hid the “Truth”;
What, seen as relative, appears the world,
Viewed in its essence is the very “Truth”.

When in His partial modes Truth shone out plain,
Straightway appeared this world of loss and gain;
Were it and all who dwell there gathered back
Into the Whole, the “Truth” would still remain.*