Flash XIX

When one says that the multiplicity of things is comprehended in the Unity of the One Real Being, this does not mean that they are the parts contained in an aggregate, or as objects contained in a receptacle, but that they are as the qualities inherent in the object qualified or as consequences flowing from their cause. Take, for instance, the half, the third, the fourth, and other fractions up to infinity, which are potentially* contained in the integer, one, though not actually mani­fested until they are exposed to view by repeating the various numbers and fractions.

It follows from this that when one says that the “Truth” most glorious comprehends all beings, the meaning is that He comprehends them as a cause comprehends its consequences, not that He is a whole containing them as His parts, or a vase containing things within it. God is too exalted above everything which is unworthy to touch the threshold of His holiness.*

These modes* are in the essence of the “Truth”,
Like qualities which qualify the “Truth”;
But part and whole, container and contained,
Exist not where God is, who is the “Truth”.