Flash X

Unification* consists in unifying the heart—that is to say, in purifying it and expelling from it attachment to all things other than the “Truth” most glorious, including not only desire and will, but also knowledge and intelligence. In fact, one must quench desire of all things hitherto desired, and cease to will what one has hitherto willed, and also remove from the intellectual vision all concepts and all cognitions, and turn away the mind from all things whatsoever, so that there remains no consciousness or cognition of aught save the “Truth” most glorious. Khwāja 'Abdullāh Anṣārī said: “Unification is not merely believing Him to be One, but in thyself being one with Him.”*

“Oneness” in pilgrims' phraseology
Is from concern with “other” to be free;
Learn, then, the highest “station” of the birds,*
If language of the birds be known to thee.