Flash IX

Self-annihilation consists in this, that through the overpowering influence of the Very Being upon the inner man there remains no consciousness of aught beside Him. Annihilation of annihilation consists in this, that there remains no consciousness even of that unconsciousness. It is evident that annihilation of annihilation is involved in [the very notion of] annihilation. For if he who has attained annihilation should retain the least consciousness of his annihilation, he would not be in the state of annihilation, because the quality of annihilation and the person possessing such quality are both things distinct from the Very Being, the “Truth” most glorious. Therefore, to be conscious of annihilation is incompatible with annihilation.*

While fondness for your “self” you still retain,
You'll not reduce its bulk a single grain—
Yea, while you feel one hair's-breadth of yourself
Claims to annihilation are but vain.