Title Page
Note on Transliterationiv
I.On Ascending the Throne and Selecting a Royal Name1
II.On the Regulations and Appointments of the Empire5
a)Twelve Special Regulations5
b)Experience of Predecessors and Early Donations8
c)Decisions Involving Urban Planning and Religious Institutions11
d)Decisions Involving Impartiality and Justice15
III.Government Affairs and Alliances20
a)Alliances Involving Family Relations20
b)Resolutions and Appointments22
c)Advices, Appointments and Regulations26
d)Samarkand Affair and Resulting Alliances31
e)Other Rebel Affairs and Related Alliances34
f)Defense Buildups, Rewards and Punishments39
IV.Family Affairs and Experiences44
a)Description of Family Members44
b)Description of Akbar48
c)Akbar's Military Experience51
d)Challenges to the Reign of Akbar55
V.Regulations, Inheritances, and Appointments61
VI.Khossrou's Flight65
VII.Akbar's Last Days70
VIII. Khossrou's Capture79
IX.Distinguished Amirs91
X.Marvellous Tales96
a)On Seven Sorcerers from Bengal96
b)On an Arabian Traveler 104
c)On the Origins of the Fortress at Mandou108
XI.Observations on the Journey from Mandou to Agrah115
XII.The Arrival of Parveiz at Agrah and Khossrou's Release From Prison121
XIII. On Revolts and Turbulence Among the Peoples of Hindustan125
XIV. Occurrences and Observations on the Journey from Dehly to Kashmeir129