-Ḥasan b. -Qásim sets out for Gurgán. He is
attacked by the Turks, and be-
sieged in the Citadel.

After -Ḥasan b. -Qásim had set out for Gurgán, Sayyid Náṣir sent his son Abu`l-Qásim Ja'far after him to support him (f. 128b). But the latter, having a grudge against him, purposely lagged behind, and kept writing to his father, saying, “This man cherishes enmity against thee.” And when, on approaching Gurgán, the Turks came out to give battle to -Ḥasan, Abu`l-Qásim abandoned him to his fate; and Ḥasan, being unable to withstand them, fell back on Astarábád, and withdrew into the castle of Kajín, which had remained in good repair from the time of Shápúr Dhu`l-Aktáf [the Sásánian] until the time of Ardashír b. al-Ḥasan, who ordered it to be destroyed, lest it should fall into the hands of Tukush b. ´Il-Arslán. There Ḥasan remained all the winter, besieged by the Turks, while his men suffered much from the cold. At length, being in want of food, he made a sortie with a few of his followers, attacked the Turks and slew some of them, and made his way safely to ´Amul, and thence to Gílán. Sayyid Náṣir now retired from public life and devoted himself to study and teaching, and the fame of his knowledge in Jurispru­dence, Traditions, Philosophy, Poetry and Literature brought him many visitors from distant lands. He finally died on Sha'bán 5, A. H. 304 (January 31, A. D. 917), having sent his son Abu`l-Ḥusayn Aḥmad to Gílán and made his son-in-law -Ḥasan b. -Qásim his successor.