The Russians come over the sea to plunder

This year 16 ships filled with Russians came to ´Abasgún, as they had already done in the time of Sayyid Ḥasan b. Zayd, who defeated and slew them. This time they wasted and looted ´Abasgún and the adjacent coasts, and carried off or slew many Musulmáns. The governor of Sárí, Abu`ḍ-Ḍarghám Aḥmad b. al-Qásim, wrote news of this to Abu`l-'Abbás. Next year the Russians returned in greater force, burned Sárí and Panjáh-hazár, and carried off many prisoners. Then they sailed to Chashma-Rúd in Daylamán; but, while some of them were on land, a number of the people of Gílán descended to the sea-shore (f. 126a), burned their ships, and slew those who had landed. Shírwánsháh, King of the Khazars, hearing of this, intercepted such of their ships as had escaped and destroyed them and their crews, and thenceforth the marauding raids of the Russians were stopped. Abu`l-'Abbás Aḥmad b. Núḥ died in Ṣafar, A. H. 298 (= October, A. D. 910).