How Muḥammad b. Zayd attacked Ray; and
what befel him with Ráfi` b. Harthama, and
how an army invaded Ṭabaristán.

In Rabí' I, A. H. 272 (= Aug.—Sept., A. D. 885), Asa­takín the Turk being governor of Ray, Muḥammad b. Zayd marched from Gurgán to Dámghán, and thence to Samnán and Khwár. A battle took place between him and the army of 'Iráq at Wah-rádhán, near Ray, in which Muḥam­mad b. Zayd was defeated and fled to Láriján. Ráfi' b. Har­thama then invaded Gurgán, but troubles in Khurásán obliged him to go to Níshápur. In A. H. 273 (A. D. 886—887) Muḥammad b. Zayd returned to ´Amul, and celebrated the circumcision of his son Zayd, whom he nominated as his successor, joining his name with his own on the coinage and in the khuṭba. On the arrival of Ráfi' in Khurásán the troubles there ceased, and the quarrel between Naṣr and Ismá'íl, the sons of Núḥ the Sámánid, was terminated. Ráfi' then marched against Khwárazm, with the people of which he had already waged war; and carried off thence ten thousand (f. 120b) men as hostages.