Ṭabaristán is finally subjugated by Sayyid
Ḥasan b. Zayd.

When Sulaymán b. 'Abdu`lláh [b.] Ṭáhir retired from Ṭabar­istán, Sayyid Ḥasan took possession of the whole country, and was henceforth reckoned its ruler. He persecuted and slew all such as sympathized with the 'Abbásids (Musaw­wida), till men were filled with the fear of him, and thought of nothing save how to obey and please him. On Wednes­day, Dhu`l-Ḥijja 3, A. H. 253 (= December 4, A. D. 867) he gave standards to Muḥammad b. Ibráhím and Lashkar-sitán-i-Daylamí and sent them to Gurgán, and everywhere the people came out to meet them and made offerings to them. During the whole of this month and the months of Muḥarram and Ṣafar, A. H. 254 (January and February A. D. 868) the Daylamites remained with them, but when they found there were no spoils to be got, they entirely aban­doned Muḥammad b. Ibráhím. After ten days he arrived alone at Sárí from Gurgán. At the beginning of Rabí' I, A. H. 254 (March, A. D. 868) Sayyid Ḥasan sent an army against the Ispahbad Qárin the son of Shahriyár, the king of the Mountains, to Hazár-garí, where they burned all the crops and destroyed the houses. When he reached Sárí, Justán the son of Wah-súdán sent a trusty messenger to the Sayyid, asking him to send a representative in whom he had confidence to conquer by his aid the kingdom of Ray. So the Sayyid sent to him Aḥmad b. 'Isá b. 'Alí b. al-Ḥasan, and part of the territories of Ray were captured by them, and the Sayyid came from Sárí to ´Amul. Mázyár the son of Qárin and Shahriyár escaped from their captivity, and on Friday, the 2nd of Jumáda I, A. H. 254 (= April 29, A. D. 868) the Sayyid ordered their gaolers to receive exem­plary punishment, and despatched the brother of the Mas-mughán Wandarand Wandád Hurmazd <Arabic> and Muḥammad b. Ibráhím to seek for the Ispahbad Qárin in the highlands; but he fled from them to Qúmish (f. 115a).

And now the Sayyids of the House of 'Alí and the Banú Háshim began to flock to Ṭabaristán from the Ḥijáz, Syria and 'Iráq “according to the number of the leaves on the trees,” and he gave them all welcome; and whenever he rode forth, he was surrounded by 300 'Alawís with drawn swords as a body-guard. And on this the Sayyid Násir-i-kabír Ḥasan b. 'Alí says:


After this letters arrived from Aḥmad b. 'Isa and Qásim b. 'Alí, who were with Justán the son of Wah-súdán, announcing that the districts of Ray, Qazwín, Abhar, and Zangán had been occupied by them, and that the people had responded to their propaganda. Then the Sayyid again sent Muḥammad b. Ibráhím to Gurgán with his standard, and its people also submitted, and the Sayyid’s rule was firmly established over a tranquil and obedient realm.