The Rise to power of Ḥasan b. Zayd.

Such of the Sayyids as escaped from this battle fled to the highlands of 'Iráq and Farshwádgar and there concealed themselves till such time as the people of Wárfú and Latrá were driven to desperation by the tyranny and barbarity of Muḥammad b. Aws. These, constantly seeing the learnng, piety, and ascetic life of the fugitive Sayyids who had taken refuge amongst them, were strongly impressed in their favour, and said, “It is they who possess the charac­teristics of true religion.” So they gathered deputations from the surrounding villages and went to the Sayyid Muḥam­mad b. Ibráhím b. 'Alí b. 'Abdu`r-Raḥmán b. al-Qásim b. al-Ḥasan b. Zayd b. al-Ḥasan b. 'Alí b. Abi Ṭálib, who was in Rúyán, and begged him to receive their oaths of allegiance, so that perhaps, by his blessing, God might free them from the tyranny under which they groaned. He replied, “I am not worthy to take up arms, but I have a brother-in-law, who is married to my sister, who is brave and competent, being skilled in war and tried in battle (f. 107b). If you will carry a letter from me to him at Ray, he will accept your offer and accomplish your desire.” So the chief man of the deputations, 'Abdu`lláh b. Wandá-ummíd, at once despatched a courier with the letter.