1. 'Ali b. Zayn was noted for his originality and elo­quence. Amongst his works are the Firdawsu`l-Ḥikmat and the Baḥru`l-Fawá`id. He was originally secretary to Mázyár (put to death A. H. 226 = A. D. 840—1), and afterwards of the Caliph al-Mu'taṣim (d. A. H. 227 = A. D. 842).

2. 'Abdu`lláh, known as Ibnu`ṭ-Ṭabarí, came to Sámarra in great poverty in the Caliphate of al-Mutawakkil (A. H. 232—247 = A. D. 847—861), and, when in such dire straits that he had to sell most of his clothing for food, was for­tunate enough to attract the notice of the Caliph’s son al-Mu`ayyad bi`lláh, and so attained to affluence and wealth.