It is related on the authority of Abú Ḥamza ath-Thumálí* that the [fourth] Imám 'Alí b. al-Ḥusayn Zaynu`l-'Ábidín said to him: “One day I came forth from al-Madína, and while I stood in thought, leaning against this wall, a man clad in two white garments, one over the other, accosted me, saying, ‘O 'Alí son of al-Ḥusayn! I see thee sorrowful: if it be on account of this world’s provision, God is guarantee therefor.’ ‘No,’ I replied, ‘my sorrow is not for this.’ ‘Then,’ said he, ‘dost thou grieve for the future life? For that is God’s promise, which He is able to fulfil.’ ‘No,’ I replied; ‘it is not for this, for I know that what thou sayest is true.’ ‘Then,’ said he, ‘since thou grievest neither for this world nor the next, for what dost thou grieve?’ ‘I grieve,’ said I, ‘for the mischief wrought by fools, and the contempt I suffer at their hands.’ Than the man laughed in my face and said, ‘O 'Alí son of al-Ḥusayn! Didst thou ever see one who trusted in God and was disappointed?’ ‘No,’ I replied. ‘Didst thou ever,’ he replied, ‘see anyone who sought anything from God which He did not vouchsafe to him?’ ‘No,’ I replied. And straightway the man vanished from my eyes.”